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Located in Columbus, I Heart Nails is a highly respected and well-known nail salon that has built a reputation for providing exceptional nail care services in a friendly and relaxing environment. The salon is home to a team of highly trained and skilled nail technicians who are dedicated to delivering superior finishes and top-notch customer service during every visit.

In addition to offering traditional manicures and pedicures, I Heart Nails also boasts a range of premium nail treatments that allow customers to choose from natural-looking nails or something more bold and daring. No matter which option they choose, customers can trust that the salon's team of professionals will deliver the high-quality results that they expect from a top-tier salon.

But I Heart Nails is more than just a place to get your nails done. It's a welcoming and inviting space where customers can come alone or with friends to relax, unwind, and enjoy an afternoon of pampering and self-care. The salon values customer satisfaction above all else and is always seeking feedback and suggestions to ensure that every visit is the best possible experience.

The safety and well-being of both customers and team members is a top priority at I Heart Nails. To that end, the salon has implemented strict hygiene measures and protocols to ensure that every visit is a safe and clean experience. Team members are trained in the proper use of personal protective equipment, and all equipment and surfaces are regularly sanitized and disinfected to prevent the spread of contaminants.

Booking an appointment at I Heart Nails is easy and convenient.You can call the salon at (706) 221-6667, or use the online booking system here: http://facebook.com/iheartnails.The salon is located at 5900 Warm Springs Rd, in Columbus, and customers are welcome to stop by in person to meet the team and tour the facility before booking.

For more information about the services offered at I Heart Nails, visit the salon's website at http://facebook.com/iheartnails. There, you'll find detailed descriptions of all the services available, as well as information about the salon's team of professionals and the high-quality products used in all treatments.If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, don't hesitate to contact the salon directly by calling (706) 221-6667.

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Nail Salon FAQs

  • What types of nail services and treatments does I Heart Nails in Columbus offer?

    I Heart Nails offers a wide variety of nail services and treatments, including basic manicures and pedicures, gel and acrylic nails, nail art, and nail repair. They also provide additional treatments like paraffin wax treatments and hand and foot massages to enhance your experience.

  • Can I book multiple nail services for one visit at I Heart Nails in Columbus?

    Absolutely, I Heart Nails encourages clients to book multiple nail services in one visit for a comprehensive pampering experience. This not only saves time but also enhances the overall benefit of the salon visit.

  • What is the cancellation policy at I Heart Nails in Columbus?

    I Heart Nails has a fair cancellation policy, requiring clients to notify the salon within a specified time frame prior to the appointment time for any cancellations or changes, helping in better scheduling and availability for other clients.

  • Can I request a specific nail technician for my appointment?

    Yes, clients are welcome to request their preferred nail technician at I Heart Nails, ensuring a personalized and comfortable experience.

  • How far in advance should I book my appointment at I Heart Nails?

    It is recommended to book your appointment at I Heart Nails in advance, especially during peak hours or for special events. This ensures availability and helps in better planning for your visit.

  • Is it possible to create a custom nail service package at I Heart Nails in Columbus?

    Yes, customers at I Heart Nails have the flexibility to create their own custom nail service packages, allowing them to combine their favorite treatments and services according to their preferences and needs.


I Heart Nails | Nail salon in Columbus, GA (1)

Angela R.


I went against my better instincts after seeing the bad reviews and went to this shop. I was in Columbus visiting family and it was close to where we were staying. MISTAKE! I asked for a fill with gel polish, and a pedicure, also with gel polish. The young lady who did my pedicure took over 2 hours! Not a typo...2 hours. The water was luke warm when she started and cold by the time she finished. I'm pretty sure she wasn't licensed. She did a terrible job. She asked me 4 times which pedicure I wanted. I picked the one for $35. A different woman did my fill. When I asked the other lady if she would be doing my fill, she said she was still working on doing nails! WTH! I didn't ask for someone in training. When I asked the second lady how long she'd been doing nails, her reply was... for a minute now. What does that mean? I asked for square round shape. They are square and I could cut bread with them they are so sharp. They are also paper thin. She broke one of my nails in the process and instead of putting on a new tip, she glued it. The acrylic is so thin the gel on the nail was the only thing holding it together. It broke that evening. I went in at 1:30pm and left when they closed at 5pm. I gave up when she couldn't get the shape right. She never touched my cuticles. At this point I'd been at the shop for over 3 hours and I just wanted it to end. When she told me it was $105 I was shocked! I called and spoke to the owner, Kim. She informed me that gel is $20 dollars extra. I pay $7 extra for gel in my home state. So basically I paid $40 just for the polish. How is this place even still open. NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN! I'm disappointed to have to give this place 1 star!!

I Heart Nails | Nail salon in Columbus, GA (2)

Tami R.


I asked for nail design from a pic and after numerous tries its not even close plus my gel polish on my toes has bubbles all in it

I Heart Nails | Nail salon in Columbus, GA (3)

Ellie T.


I had an expired gift card. I asked the young lady before starting my nails if I could use it. (I would have gone to a different store otherwise. I've discovered in the past that the young girls that work there are very inexperienced.) The young lady about to do my nails said I could use it. As I went to pay, she charged me full price. I asked about the gift card. She went to the owner to fix the error and the owner told me I couldn't use it. So, I ended up paying full price for nails that are not the quality I wanted. (Very chunky acrylic with acrylic still left on the underside of the nail) Overall a very disheartening experience. I will not be going back there and do not recommend going there for quality work. Although the owner is very good at doing nails. I disagree with her business practice. If an employee acknowledged to accept the gift card, it should have been accepted.

I Heart Nails | Nail salon in Columbus, GA (4)

Chris Shari A.


Rude! Nasty! Confrontational owner! I had been there before & the owner Kim was nice enough. She did my nails and did a great job. So, I scheduled my nails to be maintained for two weeks out. i had a last minute business trip & realized that I would not be back in time for the appointment. I called and reschedule specifically for the Friday afternoon. Instead of the girl on the other end of the phone explaining only walkins I was told they moved my appointment to Friday at 2. When I got off the plane the day before I called again to confirm the appointment and time. I was told 2 pm. Perfect! Or so I thought. Again the girl on the other end of the phone did not notify me of walki only for Friday and Saturdays!! I arrived early at the salon, signed in when a young girl showed me the sign in sheet, explained I had an appointmen, signed the sheet, put Kim's name down, and wrote 2pm appointment. Again! No one informed me there were zero appointments made for Friday and Saturdays!! I sit there while Kim finishes with her client. There we're three other girls in the salon sitting around waiting for clients to walk-in. So four nail techs with one client waiting and one client being taken care of. After about 25 minutes Kim comes over, picks the sign in sheet up, looks at me and says we don't do appointments on Fridays! I said ok, but I called and rescheduled for today & then called again to confirm my time. She went over and looked at her appointment book (like I was lying, even though I had pulled up both calls to their number from my call log). So she sat back down and nothing else was said. I figured she just had a new girl who maybe gave me incorrect info. No biggie! Boy was I wrong! So the first client was finished. Kim came over and said what nails would you like? Looked at mine & said I don't remember which type you did last time. I said Solar. She asked color? I said yes. She pointed at a basket and said those are the colors. Ok! Great! So I pick a color out. I show her when she asks & she went to look for it. She then came back and let me know that was an old color and they didn't carry it, then helped me pick a different color. Great! Well not great! She all of a sudden started in on me! Confrontational! Telling me that I had an attitude and asking me questions about my appointment. Telling me no one there rescheduled me. The more confrontational she was the more I really didn't want her to do my nails. I said why are we still revisiting the appointment mishap & she was still stuck on me trying to show her where I had called. After a few minutes of listening to her talk down to me and be rude I just stated there was no reason to stay I was just going elsewhere! Then the salon has zero customers! Then after reading more reviews I see I am not the only customer she's done that too! Whew!

I Heart Nails | Nail salon in Columbus, GA (5)

A. M.


I rarely post but with such a big expectation based off reviews I felt obligated to share my experience. I went to I Heart Nails on Saturday, May 1st. The website stated they opened at 10 am but the techs come in any time after 10 am...so, I was the 4th person in the door at 10 am. After 1 hour and 30 mins wait...I was told to sit at pedicure chair. FYI: I was only there for gel nail and toe polish change....15 mins later the Asian lady at station number one was done with her client and called two women after me to get serviced next. Ok, so one lady went to a nail table where she just finished, and one maybe had a wax service in the back. It is walk in only on Saturday's, so I am still confused why I was still waiting for the next available tech. Anyway, I left (no-one apologized or asked why I was leaving after 1 1/2 hour wait) and I did not receive any service at all. Maybe it was because I wasn't spending over $100 on my service but I was still just as important. I really loved the photos I saw online, and this business was close to my house. My nail broke and I was trying to get my nail fixed before I went to my first day at a new job. I ended up going to Golden nails and I was in and out in less than 1 hour. I did not get the look I was searching for like I Heart Nails but at least I was treated professionally and important. I will try again...maybe.

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