Online Music Classes & Lessons in your Nursery (2024)

Fun Music Classes for toddlers & pre-schoolers – face to face and online

Our mission is to support nurseries with dynamic EYFS focussed creative and interactive music, singing and movement classes.

Our classes help children build their:

  • Listening Skills and Confidence
  • Creativity and Imagination
  • Musical Skills
  • Communication and Language

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Complete with EYFS and Musical Development Matters planning, our progressive themes give you and your team everything that you need to build the children’s confidence and passion for music with the flexibility to run classes whenever you want to.

Let us bring all the fun of our classes to your nursery!

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Trial membership gives you unlimited streaming of all classes to watch safely on your nursery computer or tablet.

Your team and children can experience all of our fantastic classes without any financial commitment.

Unlimited streaming after free trial is just £20 per month for one nursery with discounts for multiple nurseries more info). No minimum term.

Research shows that all children have a natural ‘communicative musicality’, which is developed through a regular, structured music class. Whilst expressing their creativity and independence, our educational and fun classes are helping children develop:

  • Communication skills
  • Listening and concentration skills
  • Beat and rhythm
  • Language skills
  • Motor co-ordination
  • Numeracy
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Social Skills
  • Memory
  • Creative Expression
  • Confidence
  • A love of music

…and all while they are having fun!

We’ve seen the evidence that music makes a real difference:

  • Shy children come out of their shells
  • Children who speak sparingly sing and over time their speech blossoms
  • Even the most impulsive children develop self control and work to make music together with a group.

Our classes deliver so much of the Self Regulation and Executive Function requirements of Development Matters Effective Practice, supporting the learning of all children.

Online Music Classes & Lessons in your Nursery (1)
Online Music Classes & Lessons in your Nursery (2)
Online Music Classes & Lessons in your Nursery (3)

“Music Go Round online classes are excellent value and a brilliant alternative to having a music teacher visiting nursery.”

Fiona, Nursery Manager

“Fantastic feedback from staff involved – these are very enjoyable classes”

Ann, Nursery Manager

“Becca’s positive approach to children and her way of communicating with them gives the ‘heart’ and ‘engine’ of the whole class – thank you for it.”

Tamara, Nursery Practitioner

As well as the benefits to children’s social skills and education, classes offer enormous benefits to nursery managers and their teams, including:

  • Providing excellent observation and training opportunities for staff
  • Parents appreciate your nursery providing additional specialist classes
  • Managers are reassured that all planning accords with the EYFS and Musical Development Matters
  • Extension activities are included
  • Opportunities are opened up to continue where the class finishes
  • Building confidence in the musical ability of everyone
  • Enjoying being creative with the children and having fun!
Online Music Classes & Lessons in your Nursery (4)
Online Music Classes & Lessons in your Nursery (5)
Online Music Classes & Lessons in your Nursery (6)

Online Music Classes & Lessons in your Nursery (7)

Have a look…

From celebrating the seasons and the magic in the world around us, to journeys of self-discovery…there’s a variety of different themes for the little ones to explore…each one featuring 4 progressive classes.

Here are some trailer clips from a few of our favourites…

The Seaside

Summer Fun!

View our classes library

On Demand Music Classes

We’ve been running face to face classes in nurseries for over 17 years and know that events in nursery can disrupt even the best laid plans. Online classes give your team the flexibility to run classes at a time that suits them – a great help when the unforeseen happens.

With support from nursery staff, children enjoy ‘circle time’ music sessions, watching and joining in with classes on the screen as the online teacher engages them and leads the sessions. Classes are interactive and children are kept engaged and involved throughout.

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Online Music Classes & Lessons in your Nursery (9)
Online Music Classes & Lessons in your Nursery (10)

Early Years Curriculum

Our curriculum accords with the Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines, and is designed to ensure that the early learning goals for music are exceeded as well as many other areas being explored and developed. We follow 4 class themes (Transport, The Seaside etc) which are developed as the classes progress. Songs are simple and allow the children to join in quickly (giving a sense of achievement) whilst teaching all of the key elements of music in a fun and inspiring way.

We create, compose, improvise, play along, listen and explore sounds and voices. Specially created to work across ages 2-5, children enjoy lots of singing, action songs and rhymes, improvisation, learn simple musical terminology and play the all important instruments!

Our classes are an excellent foundation in the basic musical elements, all designed to encourage a love of music that will last a lifetime!

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“Children really enjoy the group, and some of our more shy children have gained confidence from Music Go Round classes.” Claire, Nursery Manager

“We are all impressed with the classes and the thorough planning provided – thank you” Laura, Nursery Manager

“The children are always enthusiastic to go to Music Lessons!” Helen, Nursery Practitioner

Online Music Classes & Lessons in your Nursery (2024)


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