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Deadly New Zealand

That was a pretty funny game. Good sound effects and all. Those koalas though... lol.

This game has potential but the only one who can make it any better than its current beta stage is you, and YOU have to be the one to make an effort to make it better.

The game play is all over the place but needs a lot of coding done to fix all the smaller bugs. (I played this game with Ragnarokia.)

First, you need to fix the game play. The archer is incredibly broken, just have everyone else move forward a row and the archer is free to pretty much KO everyone on the opposite side while all other characters absorb damage for them. If you happen to take out your opponent's archers on the first couple of turns then they will be at a severe disadvantage. Should fix it to where the archer can only hit so far ahead instead of being able to hit the opposite end without moving forward.

Second, the Witch is spelled as WHICH, could be ironic since I couldn't figure out which spells to use with her or what spells if any she had at all. Clicking on others near her did nothing at all. What point does she serve in the game of chess? I would figure she could at least serve to beef up or heal allies but she does not even seem to do that.

Third, the gaming lobby is a bit sluggish for guests. Even though it is starting out, doesn't seem to have many people so could try to advertise the game a bit more once it's patched up a bit. Also, trying to get users to pay for a premium account to give you money to improve the game seems bad. I would be ok if the game was nearly finished and had little to no errors or bugs needing to be fixed but to be doing it right off the bat doesn't seem to be working for now. Should maybe hold off on suggesting Premium accounts until the game is in a much further stage of development.

Fourth, the game is not entirely translated yet it appears. Some stuff in the English portion of the game is still untranslated. Having a Knight click on a Knight results in foreign stuff showing, what does the ability do? Also, at the bottom of English stuff, Attack and Defense shows as "Attack y Defense."

Fifth, would be nice if the camera was used a bit more. You can turn it which is good. Would be nice if the camera was positioned for each player's side. (ie. Red vs. Blue, you're blue, camera shows blue on the right or Blue vs. Red, camera shows Blue on the left) Camera being able to move can be a bit useful I guess.

Lastly, the game is still pretty buggy and an obvious beta. Time going to 0:00 does not change the turn at all, the game just idles. I ended the game with Ragnarokia when I encountered a glitch. Moving a character to a spot where another character was a moment earlier causes the game to halt. I'm think it's because the game's coding freezes because it doesn't know how to handle the situation. (ie. I moved a knight to the left, the next knight moves forward where the previous knight just was, hit space to do turn and then the game stops.)

One of the only good points of the game currently is the graphics and at that I'm not expecting much since it just seems to be you making all the character models, and making 3D character models can take a bit of time. The music also seemed to be alright and fit.

Overall, game has potential but it has a long way to go before being considered decent.

StrikeForce Kitty

This is a rather silly game and I love the unique game play as well. Having four cats try to not run out of stamina and get to the princess makes for a very different kind of game. You already have health and strength factors to consider with each cat, stamina simply adds on to that and gives motivation to try wasting as little time as possible fighting unnecessary dangers. Very fun and silly game.

Miscrits Generator G1.0

Medals take no effort (aside from secret medals having to be found and clicked on). You literally can get two a minute by scrolling to the miscrit and leaving it up on the screen for a minute. This scene creator is more or less just a really long waiting game in regards to medals. There is not much creativity involved with this one which is just sad. Also, unable to find the Phoenix at all. Oh well.

Land of Enki

This seems to be a pretty good game. Makes me think of older NES games too.

The graphics are good. Playing some levels over again I found that walls with cracks are where bombs can be used, Best if you use them up close unless you just want half the wall destroyed and a bomb wasted. The bosses were pretty nice with each one summoning a different kind of minion.

The audio was decent. It makes me feel like I am playing an older game. The sword and bomb sounds are very reminiscent of NES game sounds. The boss battle music was smooth and made it feel a bit tense. Would have been neat if for each hit a boss took, the music sped up a bit. Other than that, very nice audio overall.

As for game play. I think having the jump and climb command combined, it would ease some things but I imagine it would make jumping off ladders/vines and other ladder objects a bit difficult since they character would like just grab the ladder again. Could possibly switch the jump and climb buttons though, would make things a bit easier in my opinion.

The sword attack and bomb toss buttons are fine as they are. Nice to see the enemies take more hits as time goes on. Some of the potions can be a bit difficult to get since they are not all in chests but must be obtained by checking everything in the levels, smart idea I think. Encourages the player to spend a bit more time exploring to get more heart potions.

The medals work and are worth the amount of points they should be worth which is good.

Overall, decent game, only issues I really is the jump/climb buttons, and sometimes it seems you jump too high up when you only want to jump up a bit.


I think the only real control issues that people seem to have is the jump command. We'll definitely need to find some way around that though, still not sure how the up could be replaced on the vines. It would be strange going up vines with space and down them with the down arrow. I'm trying to think of a way to combine them without being confusing, we'll see how it goes :S

Something I've noticed is that if the game lags, it messes with the gravity causing Kon to jump higher, bombs to go further and so on. Not sure what causes it yet, but we're looking into it. Could that maybe be the issue with the jumping too high or was it just the regular jump height that was the problem?

Thanks for the review!

Fate Machine 1.0

This is rather lacking I think.

The graphics are alright. The background having lightning and explosions kind of makes this a bit more lively. However, it still falls flat to help make the content itself better.

The game itself is just a few clicks that stops on random words or phrases to show what one's "destiny" is, sometimes they are hilarious, sometimes they are sad, but most other times they seem rather mundane.

The music spices up the game a bit and makes one feel like they are grasping control of their own destiny in a way.

Overall, seems pretty mundane yet funny at times.

Review Request Club

Flappy Bird Clone!!!111

For something make in just a few hours, this is not that bad.

The graphics are the same as the original Flappy Bird, minus the intro to the game where you decide to accept the mission.

There is not much of a story here aside from just destroy the Flappy Bird Virus clones.

The audio was pretty nice I think.

Overall, not really much to review here sadly.

Review Request Club

Idle Pro Gamer

A fair warning to anyone who wants to get ALL the medals, expect to be playing this game for days on end, it is really THAT time consuming to play. Now onto the review itself.

The graphics are rather simple which is pretty fair I guess given you do not want to distract the player that much with a bunch of unnecessary things.

The game itself though is just terrible and terribly slow all around.

Starting with only 50 dollars to upgrade your idle skills and video count is just awful. Then when you need to upgrade your PC you are about 100+ dollars behind what you need for it so you have to sit there clicking on Duke Nukem for awhile to get the XP higher and all that unfun stuff.

Then around the skill level 15 and above things start to slowly get ridiculous over time requiring bigger and bigger gaps of time to be spent clicking to go up to the next skill level. Even with the idle level high enough to get around 30+ xp a second while you spam click the game, the time required to go up is still really long.

Unless you just really enjoy games that require you to idle around and waste a lot of time to get anywhere this game is not that much fun. I would not have minded if the amount of xp went up at a gradual pace but to suddenly make gaps that require more and more time (from a 200,000 xp needed gap to 300,000 xp needed gap is more time consuming than it sounds) is just bad.

The medals (all but 18 at the time of this review) are obtainable but for each of them to be only 5 points a piece especially considering all the time you need to spend on this game to get each one past the 10th medal feels like a real slap in the face. Could at least bump up how much each one is worth instead of keeping them all at 5. To spend that much time getting a medal only to see it is 5 points anyways is a waste of time and rather pitiful.

Overall, really bad game and poorly executed. While an idling game could be fun, this game pretty much takes idling games to its extremes and makes it far more time consuming than it needs to be and thus loses any fun it could have had after having to play for more than a day or so straight in a row. Unlike medal addict where there is a challenge to having to play days in a row to get medals, this game is just literal idling around and spam clicking your way to the next level. Not very fun at all... The comments are really misleading, there is really no dream to fulfill here unless you just like to spend hours idling and spam clicking the game box..


This was a pretty good game. The five stages of denial and acceptance eh? At least it made the game interesting. I kept playing thinking they had only killed their girlfriend but to see they also killed their child out of anger and possibly being drunk makes them into quite the monster.

The graphics are nice. Kind of makes me think of Blackout Basem*nt from Donkey Kong Country in that the screen keeps fading to black meaning that sometimes you need to know where you are unless you want to restart all over again from the last checkpoint.

The game play was nice and I liked how it got more and more challenging with each stage of grief coming to pass. First those platforms that reset you and then the blob monsters (makes me think of white flans from Final Fantasy) being moving versions of the white lights. Kind of one of those rare exceptions where everything is NOT trying to kill you but simply resetting you to a previous checkpoint and forcing you to realize that you're still a monster whether you want to admit it or not (although the character eventually does).

Although I did encounter the occasional flaw with platforms whether it be from forcing yourself to fall faster or just getting onto the platform at a weird angle, you sometimes go into the platform itself. Thankfully the player can just jump up to fix the issue. Also funny that it took me a moment to realize the black cloaked creature was a checkpoint and not just part of the background itself.

The audio was very fitting seeing as the game is a dark piece. Nothing fits better than having a dark ambient song for the soundtrack of this game. Hearing the character/guy plop onto platforms or getting reset is nice since not hearing anything at all would make me think they are in a dream world (not to say they are not possibly in one in this game as it is...).

Hearing the baby crying on the final level was a bit of a "What's that noise?!" thing for a moment since the rest of the game had no accompanying sounds in regards to the guy telling his story with his conscious or something telling him he was a monster all that time. The credit music sounded a bit lighter than the regular song heard.

The medals were fun and easy to get which is nice for a game that can possibly be seen as a bit difficult. It seemed pretty easy for the most part though with the screen blacking out and then fading back in being the only thing that seemed to make it difficult.

Overall, this was a interesting story that got sad at the end when he finally admits what he did that makes him a monster and then simply accepting that he is a monster. Very well made game.


Thanks for writing such a detailed review! Yup, the structure of the game is based around the 5 steps of grief- the main character slowly goes through each one, before finally reaching acceptance for what he had done.

I'm still working on fixing that bug with the platform- a new patch will be up soon. Thanks again!


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