Eddie Murphy On Getting The Band Back Together In Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F & Continuing The Franchise (2024)


  • Eddie Murphy returns as Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F alongside original cast members and new additions like Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
  • The fourth installment brings heart and evolution to the franchise as Axel confronts his past and fights to protect his estranged daughter.
  • Murphy teases a possible fifth Beverly Hills Cop movie, emphasizing the importance of a strong script for future sequels.

Axel Foley returns to Beverly Hills, but with a case more personal than ever, after his estranged daughter Jane's life is threatened in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F. Teaming up with his daughter's ex-boyfriend, Detective Bobby Abbott, and his old friends in Beverly Hills Lieutenant "Billy" Rosewood and Chief John Taggart, Axel once again causes havoc throughout the city with his destructive investigative antics. Willing to do whatever it takes to keep his daughter safe, Axel will put his life and job on the line once again, as he hopes to not only protect Jane, but reconnect with her as well.

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F brings together a powerhouse cast with Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, and John Ashton all reprising their roles, while Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kevin Bacon, and Taylour Paige join the franchise. While Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F has the action and hilarity that has come to be expected from this franchise, it also has a surprising amount of heart and pathos as Axel is forced to confront how his choices have impacted those he loves. Murphy also serves as a producer along with Jerry Bruckheimer and the movie is helmed by director Mark Molloy.


Beverly Hills Cop 4 is officially on the way, and there are already a ton of exciting updates about Eddie Murphy's return as Axel Foley.

Screen Rant interviewed star and producer Eddie Murphy about Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F. Murphy revealed why it took so long to land on the right story for the fourth installment of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise and shared his excitement about re-teaming with his co-stars from the previous movies. He also praised Paige while offering exciting updates about Beverly Hills Cop 5 and more Shrek.

Working With Judge Reinhold & John Ashton Is "The Heart Of The Movie"

Eddie Murphy On Getting The Band Back Together In Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F & Continuing The Franchise (2)

Murphy explained the ingredient that was missing from so many Beverly Hills Cop 4 scripts and why it was the key to Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F. Axel is no longer the young detective making rash decisions in order to solve the case without thought of consequences. Murphy wanted to show how Axel has developed over time and the relationship with his family was the perfect way to do this.

Eddie Murphy: The reason why the movie didn't come together for years and years and years is because, in all the scripts that I read, there was no evolution. It was just, "Axel's coming back now, and he's on a new mission." It was like, "Okay, now this has happened." It was just the generic things. "This happens, and that happens, then this happens, and that happens." And nothing worked.

Then once they added the element where Axel was married, and he's not with his wife anymore, and they have a child and he's estranged from his child, and he's still in this job and all of his contemporaries are leaving... All he's got is his job, and he's got this horrible relationship. And the reason Axel's back in Beverly Hills on the surface is cops and robbers, but behind the scenes, it's really to reconcile with his daughter and all that stuff. Once we added that element, then we had a movie.

Murphy sheds more light on the relationship between Axel and his daughter with their estrangement being a key factor. He also explained what draws him back to Beverly Hills with reconciliation being his goal beyond keeping her safe.

Eddie Murphy: Yeah, she is phenomenal in the movie. And our characters are estranged. She is my daughter, and we haven't spoken to each other in years. She went out and became a lawyer, and just don't deal with each other. She gets in a situation where her life is in danger, and Billy Rosewood calls me. I come out because my daughter's in danger, and... I don't want to give up too much of a movie.

Murphy shared his excitement in reuniting with Judge Reinhold and John Ashton and explained why they are such an integral part of Beverly Hills Cop. Murhpy also shared his opinion on the third installment, "the reason Beverly Hills Cop 3 was soft was because Taggart's not in the movie, and the villain isn't villainous enough, and Axel didn't have any skin in the game."

Eddie Murphy: Yeah. Working with those two guys? That's the heart of the movie, me and those guys, and my relationship with those guys. The reason Beverly Hills Cop 3 was soft was because Taggart's not in the movie, and the villain isn't villainous enough, and Axel didn't have any skin in the game.

The first movie, Axel's best friend is killed. And the second one, his boss, the Chief, gets killed. And then in the third one, Uncle Dave is in trouble. That's what the movie's about.

This is when you can tell a movie's not going to work: when you have one of those lines that you've seen millions [of times] and hundreds of thousands of movies have said this line. There was one scene where I had Uncle Dave in the back, and he was dying. I was driving, and I said, "Don't you die on me, man!" How many times have you seen that in a movie? When somebody's dying, "Don't you die on me!" If you in a movie, and you scream, "Don't you die on me," that means the movie's not going to work. [Laughs]

Eddie Murphy Teases Another Beverly Hills Cop & Returning As Donkey In A Shrek Spin-Off

Eddie Murphy On Getting The Band Back Together In Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F & Continuing The Franchise (3)

While Beverly Hills Cop has returned after three decades, Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F is not the final installment. Murphy revealed that they are currently developing the fifth movie, which is dependent on the quality of the script. He also joked that he is "Mr. Sequel" teasing more to come for Donkey in the world of Shrek.

Eddie Murphy: Brother, they're developing another Beverly Hills Cop as we speak. And if the script comes together, we'll do another one. I'm Mr. Sequel. I think I have some kind of record: the actor who has done the most sequels, brother. I'm open to doing a sequel always.

We're working on a Shrek right now. We're doing Shrek 5 and a Donkey spin-off. We're doing two movies.

About Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F

Axel Foley has returned to Beverly Hills after his daughter Jane's life is threatened. She and Axel team up with her ex-boyfriend and his old pals, John Taggart and Billy Rosewood, to turn up the heat and uncover a conspiracy.

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Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F hits theaters on July 3.

Source: Screen Rant Plus

Eddie Murphy On Getting The Band Back Together In Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F & Continuing The Franchise (4)
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Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley is the fourth film in the popular comedy franchise starring Eddie Murphy. Murphy returns as Axel Foley in the Netflix film alongside returning cast members Judge Reinhold and John Ashton and Bronson Pinchot as Serge. Kevin Bacon andJoseph Gordon-Levitt also star in the sequel as new characters.

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Eddie Murphy On Getting The Band Back Together In Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F & Continuing The Franchise (2024)


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