30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (2024)

This is a list of 30+ male celebrities (actors & stars) who wear hairpieces, or toupees to conceal their baldness or thinning hair.

They are subject to public scrutiny and glare, from their personality to their body features. Some resort to toupees to appear impeccably bodacious in front of the camera.

It might dawn on you that your favorite public figure is not all-natural. But that could be an inspiration to adopt hair systems towards being a better self confidently.

In that regard, let us now reveal these famous celebrities who wear hairpieces.

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Nicolas Cage

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (1)

In case the younger generations get to wonder who this guy is. Nicolas Cage is a long-time American actor and film producer. He has starred in notable action films likeThe RockandLeaving Las Vegas.

As for the oldies, I know his mention comes as a shock to you.

But, yes, the 48-year old Hollywood star has been speculated to have thinning hair and a receding hairline, which has drawn the attention of his fans and the media.

This has further spiralled to the extent he’s suspected of using toupees.

Daniel Craig

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (2)

The acting profession is not for everyone. However, Daniel Craig magically managed to glue a majority onto the screens with his magnificent characterization of James Bond and suave appeal.

He has been a British international actor for nearly 30 years.

Moreover, surprisingly, all this time, we have thought he was born with his decent hair looks, which is not true. Rumour has it that he has been spicing up his attractiveness with hairpieces, though he has never publicly confessed.[1]

Jon Cryer

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (3)

This may surprise diehards of Jon Cryer. He was born in 1965 to a family of Broadway actors, and that was his direct ticket into the limelight. He’s best known for his enchanting performances in several movies and TV shows.

He had the guts to go live onConan Talk Showin 2013 and revealed he lost the appealing thick hair he had while acting inPretty in Pink.

Shockingly, he also described what expertise he implored to hide the balding spots with about four hairpieces. I doubt if you can do that, can you?

Andre Agassi

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (4)

Since his teenage years, the legendary 8-time slam title winner has been facing balding.

He admitted to losing a Slam Final tournament to Thomas Muster in his autobiography.

He explained that the loss resulted from struggling to keep his mane-styled wig from falling off. So, he wore wigs for quite some time to enhance his looks.[2]

However, it did not take long for him to cease hiding his bald head in the wigs. He, instead, shaved when he was 25 years old and embraced full-head baldness.

Robert Pattinson

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (5)

Robert Pattinson stole every girl’s heart when he featured Edward Cullen in the Twilightseries.

I mean, who would not be captured by the overflowing sexiness of this British actor even at first glance, partly thanks to hairpieces.

He had his hair cut right after an original shoot in the previous year. So, he was forced to wear an orange wig for the film Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 to fit in his given role.

Speaking at the panel at Comic-Con, he disclosed how he had worn a wig for the first time, which was a combination of six other hair systems put together.

AI Pacino

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (6)

Hats off to one of the greatest actors of all time. The 81-year old’s hair has raised eyebrows several times, and many are surprised how such an older man has thick, dense hair.

Well, Al Pacino is not different from any other man as he experiences hair loss problems too, except that his balding is at the hairlines.

He’s attended several movie events in toupees, and his pictures on the internet give substantial proof he’s a toupee wearer.

Donald Trump

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (7)

The 45th US president with an ego and a dauntless personality, Donald Trump, cannot escape from this list.

Sometime in 2018, his doctor revealed he was under a drug prescription for hair loss to maintain hair growth from his scalp.

And for a long time, people have been making fun of his yellow-like hair. At a rally in South Carolina, he allowed one of his supporters to touch his head only to find out his hair was 100% real.

However, it has been rumoured severally that Donald Trump might occasionally wear hair systems to hide some bald spots.

Joe Biden

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (8)

Who in the world does not know Joe Biden? As the current and 46th president of the United States of America, he’s been a famous face globally and internationally.

Joe Biden started being a victim of hair loss in his 40s when he had visible signs of thinning hair and a receding hairline.

And he might have used hair plugs, which was the hair system in fashion those days.

John Travolta

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (9)

The Carrie superstar braced the red carpet in a bald head in 2019. One could mistake him for Pitbull, or maybe he intentionally resolved to look like him.

But at least he proved men can still look good when bald.

But what most do not know is that initially, John Travolta’s hair is fake, and nothing close to genetically natural. He’s been wearing hairpieces since the early 2000s, probably to hide the baldness beneath.

Kevin James

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (10)

Comedian and actor Kevin James debuted as Dough Heffernan in King and Queens’s beloved sitcom. Behind his jaw-dropping comedy stunts, he has been dealing with hair loss for several years.

In aninterviewon Live with Kelly and Ryan in early 2021, he humorously remarked that God led him to shave his hair.

He added that he was losing more and more hair by the day, which made him opt for hair systems to cover the hair defect. Shaving his whole head somehow set him free for good.

Ben Affleck

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (11)

Once you hear Ben Affleck, only the moniker Bennifer can instantly come to mind.

Jennifer Loper and Ben have been the back-fence talk since they confirmed to have a rekindled romantic relationship.

Undeniably, beauty-wise, they are meant for each other. However, there is more to that natural attraction between the two, nothing but toupees.

This American Batman actor never admitted he wore toupees until an embarrassing incident happened at an event in 2002.

As revealed by the press, his toupee flew into the air while play-fighting his fellow actor.

Kevin Costner

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (12)

Here comes another Hollywood star with hairline receding problems, the one, and only Kevin Costner.

With his popularity rising due to his box office hits, he could not abstain from people noticing the evident hair loss, especially before 2008.

His recent photos, however, show his hair to have improved drastically.

He most likely embraced the current hair technologies to get him as hunk and charming as before. Hair loss is no joke that even the rich and famous are casualties of the same.

Brad Pitt

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (13)

The award-winning actor’s head full of hair has always been questionable. It’s hard to believe Brad’s hair is natural at his age, although his face portrays a young guy in his 30s.

Probably, he is lucky to have great body genetics as he’s ageing like fine wine. He’s ageing backwards.

But that is just entirely the opposite of what occurs to humankind as years go by.

The public cannot get over the presumption that he’s using toupees. He was once seen to have a receding hairline at an event.

Jay Leno

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (14)

Has it ever struck you that Jay Leno’s hair is too dense for a person at his age? No doubt, he’s been a recipient of many accolades as the former Tonight Show host and as a stand-up comedian.

But his hair could not be real for a senior like him, though it looked the same year in year out in front of the cameras.

It’s been a fierce debate, and he’s been thought to either wear hairpieces, or his secret is a hair implant. Whichever the case, his hair is extraordinarily bouncy and beautiful.

William Shatner

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (15)

This man here deserves a standing ovation, for sure. Nearly all his life has been dedicated to the entertainment industry, shaking the world with creative films and performances for more than 70 years.

He’s the mastermind behind Star Trek, the science fiction franchise.

However, there is a lot of controversial information relating to Wiliam Shatner’s hair. Some say he started wearing toupees at age 9.

However, what I feel sounds a bit true is him embracing toupees in his 20s to date, probably for the TV and film productions.

Charlie Sheen

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (16)

One of the bad boys in Hollywood took the world by storm with his fairly plausible hair in his acting performances.

But chances of erasing the rumors that he’s guilty of wearing toupees are close to minimal.

What could be seen as decent hair seems to be added hairpieces, especially at the center front, to hide the dying hairline partly.

The partying animal, however, has always denied these accusations.

Elton John

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (17)

Though follicly challenged, Elton John will go down in history as a dextrous artistic singer and pianist.

If you can recall, most of his music videos of the 70s blasted us with his thinned hair and a visible bald at the center back of his head.

He tried to salvage his stunning looks with a hair transplant, but it failed. And that is how he landed on wearing hair systems, which he claimed turned him to Shrek’s look-alike.

But the music star still wears toupees, contrary to the funny comment he made at first.

Sean Connery

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (18)

It seems like James Bond characters missed the luck of voluminous natural hair. Sean Connery, besides Daniel Craig, had his hair genetics betray him.

He epitomized the role of a sly but thrilling secret agent confidently in toupees.

He was the ladies’ celebrity crush, obviously attributed to his smooth and sexy body.

His admirers must have felt dismayed upon realizing his hair had masked baldness he had been grappling with since his 20s.

Ted Danson

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (19)

Perhaps, you know Ted Danson, the talented actor in the Sitcom TV series: Cheers. If not by that description, some of you might know him from NCIS Las Vegas.

Praised for the several golden awards he’s won, toupees have been his hair supports for a long time, even in his acting days on Cheers.

In one of the Cheer’s episodes, he took off what he described as a toupee and even revealed his balding spot while bowing.

Ted wore toupees for the screens, but he loves to stay as natural as possible in his own hair.

Brett Michaels

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (20)

His flowy long blonde hair is worth a head-turn and has stayed the same for long. He’s been rocking live stages since the 80s with wonderful rock music and a conspicuous attention-grabbing fashion taste.

His hair and colorful bandanas have always been his signature brand in marketing his band.

Nevertheless, again, it has been his strategy of the public not getting a glimpse of his hair loss issues.

Johnny Depp

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (21)

Johnny Depp is the face of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. His acting style has been the rarest and most unique in the entertainment spectrum.

It has always come out natural and unforced, more like it’s an inborn talent.

Wigs have been juicing up his facial looks in films, and his fans have spotted him with a bald head not once.

Balding is taking a toll on him, but unfortunately, he cannot run away from its jaws.

Matthew McConaughey

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (22)

Most celebrities look silly when denying their hair is not real hair. But Matthew McConaughey couraged up and opened up about the funny situation he has been in of losing hair 22 years ago.

The American actor, known to have a gallant and brawny personality, started showing male patterned baldness at 30-32 years old.

And from 2003, people noticed his hair suddenly getting thicker and denser on TV interviews and movies. He has embodied the hair systems trend up to today.

Jude Law

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (23)

Despite not coming clean anywhere about his false hair, the Sherlock Holmes star is prey to hair disappearance on his head. His acting is great and romantic in most scenes, in any case.

Before 2013, he was suffering from thinning hair.

But afterwards, his head was nourished in fuller hair. What else could we think of if not the fact that he embarked on wearing toupees?

Wayne Rooney

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (24)

Footballers are not left out, either. Wayne Rooney is a soccer icon known to formerly play the English Premier League as a Manchester United striker.

He confessed on Twitter to his followers about his hair loss right from the age of 25 years, and that condition pressured him to get a hair implant.

Photos of Wayne seem to give that illusion he’s been using hairpieces at one point in his life.

Steve Carell

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (25)

The first season of the series The Office welcomed us to a thin-haired Steve Carell.

And for some reason, viewers thought that look was for his role, but still deep inside conjured he could be facing hair loss.

Then the second season displayed Steve Carell in decent hair, which was a tremendous queer change.

While many argue he underwent a hair transplant, some claim he puts on toupees to maintain his former outlook.

Chuck Norris

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (26)

Chuck Norris, the man contemplated to be Bruce Lee’s twin, is the true definition of martial arts and a masculine fighting spirit.

But his kicks in films tend to lure us into not noticing this hero has been fighting hair loss.

It’s been widely discussed that he’s been wearing toupees over the years to cover up the flaw. His age could be the most probable contributor to the balding he has faced.

David Beckham

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (27)

This name must have occurred to you as a former British professional football player. He might be developing challenges with his hair with the recently seen receding hairline.

His father is said to have gone bald, and the same alopecia could be transcending down to him.

Although he denies having not gone for any hair transformations, I still have a strong feeling he’s a toupee enthusiast, based on his pics.

LeBron James

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (28)

Nicknamed King James, Lebron James is a powerhouse basketball player. It has been discernible that he was going bald when he played for Miami Heat.

But it didn’t take long for his fans to notice his hair growing back faster and more beautiful than ever.

And that fueled suspicions he was wearing toupees, although there has was no evidence.

Then an embarrassing moment caved in as his hairpiece moved from its secured position. That was enough proof that he uses some hair supplements.

Brendan Fraser

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (29)

Brendan Fraser is remembered for the great brown mane of hair he had in the movie George of the Jungle and his evocative entertainment skills.

But hair loss due to ageing did not leave him unaffected. Around 2003, he had terrible times with thinned hair.

One moment, he surprised us with his hair recovering back to a considerable length, and he looked happy about it.

All probabilities considered, he took up the solution of toupees to hide the genetic curse.

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30 Celebrities Who Wear Hairpieces (Before & After Pictures) (2024)


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